Roon cannot import Album starting with "..."

@support I have a CD, “…and then there were three…” by Genesis. If I rename the subdirectory to exclude the leading “…” it is imported just fine. I am unsure how to figure out how many other directories are silently ignored based on import errors. Hints?

Version 1.2 (Build 165) stable (64bit)


Hi Nick,

Some info here.

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I think it’s the … that’s the problem.


Just too quick for me Greg. :oncoming_police_car:


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Thanks. I searched around, but obviously not enough.

Thanks again

Hey Nick,

Here’s a link to the new Roon User Guide.

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Just a note that this problem arises only with filenames, not the album title tag.

People usually name their files automatically from the album title tag (well, I do), but if that results in deprecated characters in the filename, you can delete them but leave the album title tag as is and then Roon can still use the album title tag.