Roon cannot import any of my music file saved on QNAP NAS

I am sure this has been asked many times but I just can’t find an article that solves it.

All my music library are hosted on QNAP NAS and accessible from Windows File Explorer. I double click the music file (.m4a for example) and My Music opens and plays the file just fine and “reliably”.

I rebuild the roon core, make sure ffmpeg file in /usr/local/medialibrary/bin/ffmpeg is the 78.3MB version.

Added the exact same folder to Roon via setting/storage…
I tried in setting/storage to force recan… nothing.
I tried to copy the .m4a file to a different folder (thinking some timestamp may be set in roon so not recognize the file) and add that folder in storage … not loading.

Just pure frustration ever since I use Roon. Listen to music should be relaxing but every few weeks I have to fix Roon … restore ffmpeg … album disappear. Every time I load Roon I have this anxiety whether it is going to work or not. What happened to the olden days when you pop in a CD and it guarantees 99.999% to run and play your music?! Is that too much to ask anymore with the level of technology advancement of today? Just unreal for simple music playback it can be this difficult…

Am I a unique case here or you feel the same way?

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