ROON cannot open on IOS devices any more

Roon Core Machine

IMAC OS 11.7 4ghz quad core intel 1.7, 24G Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

IPAD, IPHONE , CXN, Chromecast audio, Squeezebox

Number of Tracks in Library

22000 tracks incl Tidal

Description of Issue

Yesterday after installing Roon Arc, my main Roon Remote app no longer opens on Iphone or Ipad. I have upgraded Roon to 2.0 on Imac, and my Iphone 13 runs IOS 16.0.
So now when I try to open Roon on Iphone and Ipad Roon asks me to choose Roon Core and I select Imac to connect. The Error screen says ‘time for an upgrade’. on the next page is states the Imac is the latest version and that 'This phone 1.8 (build 1105 Stable. And it’s stuck on this page with no other options. so now Roon is completely unusable except the app on my Imac which I rarely use for playback. I need Roon app to work on Ipad/iphone to talk to my streamer (CXN, Chromecast, Squeezebox)
pls advise.

UPDATE. I deleted the Roon remote app on Iphone and reinstalled. Now the Roon remote app opens. So that is resolved. It has been very frustrating spending 2 hours trying to trouble shoot this however. I have no idea what was causing the problem. All my software was updated versions but the remote app did not recognize it.

I had this problem yesterday. Here is what I did to fix it. Go to the App Store and search for Roon Remote. It will probably come up with “Open” shown in the oval. Disregard that and click on the app description. When you do this you will be given the option to “Upgrade”. Click on that and a new version of the iOS Roon Remote app will install. You should be good to go bringing up Roon now.

thanks I think many other people will need this advice so they don’t run round in circles for several hours like I did… I wish I had known that. Anyway deleting and reinstalling Remote app performed the same function as what you did I guess, and that worked for me.

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