Roon cannot "see" my Synology NAS where my music files reside

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Core Machine is a Dell XPS 8940 running a I9-10900 processor with 32 GB of RAM and Windows 10 home 2004 version.

My music files are on my Synology NAS DS 1819+ running an Intel Atom C3538 processor.


I am using Ethernet cable from my computer to the router and Linksys model EA9500.

For now I only have a PSaudio DSD dac with the Bridge II Roon ready card.


When I try to “Add Network Share” I get an error message: “Invalid Network Path specified”. I have tried different things but nothing seems to work. Hwat am I doing wrong here?


Since ROON cannot see my music files I have not been able to use it yet.

Just checking a few things and forgive me if you have already tried them (the post did not specify). I have the same NAS as you. My music path starts simply with ‘\\Diskstation’, with the full path being ‘\\Diskstation\Music\Lossless’ (nothing special there).

  • make sure both SMB and NFS are enabled on your NAS, to increase the chance of external devices being able to see and map to the shared folders
  • make sure the folder containing music is indeed shared
  • reboot both PC and NAS
  • as a test, see if you can browse to \\diskstation\music from within windows explorer
  • try browsing from within Roon again
    Post back here with the results or lack thereof :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. I finally found out what the issue was and now everything is working fine. As you mentioned above I needed to enable the SMB and NFS and the problem was solved.

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