Roon can't connect tidal and qobuz

recently , roon has many issues. i am in china, and my roon can’t connect the tidal and qobuz.(i use the VPN ,i can lisen music in tidal app or qobuz app, but it does’t work in roon,and roon arc is also broke.

If you’re China based there are a lot of threads about this issue in the support section.

Hi @tianyu_Li,

We’ve taken a look at account diagnostics. Unfortunately, you’re encountering failures with upstream services essential to Roon’s functioning, possibly as a result of geographic restrictions in your region. If you are generally using a consumer VPN with Roon then I suggest create a post including that information in the title over in Tinkering.

Our DevOps team is aware that China-based users are encountering more frequent failures with upstream services. However, restrictions based on geographic location are beyond our team’s capacity to influence.