Roon can't connect to Qobuz

Roon on windows 10 pc stopped connecting to Qobuz
I have rebooted the machine which did not fix the problem
I have reloaded the Roon software which did not fix the problem
I have changed the Qobuz password which works on the browser and app versions of Qobuz and this did not help.
I continue to get a user or password error in Roon when trying to add the Qobuz service

Do you use your email address as username? Qobuz is slowly rolling out that requirement for third party apps that interface with Qobuz.

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Exactly as @Bert said.
Most third party vendors for Qobuz are now only allowed to log in with their email address and no longer the username.

I didn’t know that.

Could that explain why I’ve had to restart my core once a week after the connection to Qobuz goes wrong? Symptoms are that music won’t play and it says “track unavailable on Qobuz”. After core restart all is well.

I do use email address and password. I am currently contacting Qobuz to see if it is a problem on their end.

Qobuz resolved the problem but without explanation.

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