Roon can't find DirectStream Junior DAC

Please can someone call me I have a new direct stream DAC Junior with Red Cloud and it’s hooked up to my network and my roon app can’t find it

I have moved your question into a thread of its own in the Support section so it will receive proper attention. Let’s also flag @support here for assistance.

In the mean time, you may want to add a bit more information to your post as described here:

Hi @Mark_Harris ----- Thank you for the report and sorry to hear of the difficulties.

As @RBM has mentioned, your post has been moved over to it’s own thread in the “support” section of the community site so this can issue can be addressed with your directly. As Rene has has also asked, if you would kindly please provide a detailed description of your current setup using the supplied link it would be very appreciated!

Additionally, is the DirectStream Junior being seen on your network outside of the Roon application?


As a thought Mark, once you write down your setup for Eric, copy and paste it into your Roon profile (see RBM’s e.g.) Will save you time on the next troubleshoot, if that should happen.