Roon can't find Mcintosh C2600 DAC

Hi all, I have a new MCintosh C2600 Preamplifier. Everythng it is connectig fine, but when try to find the Internal DAC (C2600) do not find…I’m reset everything but still do not work…can you help me?
Some another information:
The Roon Server is running in a Intel NUC working fine for 6 months…and if I connect another DAC this working Fine

I am sure that you have already looked at this, but have you enabled the C2600 in your Audio settings?

Hi GKen, if you are talking about the USB turn ON in the C2600, yes I do, and Input selected too…

No @GKern means have you enabled it in Roon settings-audio.
At least I think that’s what he meant :slightly_smiling_face:
See picture…


this is the main problem…it’s here where do not is the Mc DAC …not appear to enable…it’s not there…

Yes, precisely. Thank you for adding the picture. I was busy watching hockey.

Is your DAC connected to a computer or a streamer?

I try with my SMSL M400 and it’s ok…working fine…

the DAC it’s connected to the Computer (Intel NUC)…the same as the M400

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Hmmm…Can you show that same picture with the McIntosh connected? Are you using USB?

EDIT: I will also move this to the Support thread so that it gets the appropriate attention from the @support team.

nothing change…in this moment the USB it is in the Mc DAC and the input in the Mc it’s selected for USB…

I don’t think the SMSL should still be showing up once it’s been disconnected, What happens if you hit that refresh circle on the top right?

I’m reboot the computer have the Roon Server (NUC) and have the same situation…

Hey @Pablo_Fuentes1,

Thanks a whole lot for letting us know about this. Sorry about the trouble!

I’ve gone ahead and moved your thread into our technical team’s queue - one of our technicians will reach out on this thread.

In the meantime, I am really glad you’ve found a resource in our community of subscribers. Thanks all for the insightful questions and suggestions :pray:

Hey @Pablo_Fuentes1

I see that this thread has been moved, but haven’t looked where to to see if you solved this. However one possible quick solution occurred to me.

As this DAC appears to be an ASIO device connected to a NUC (and not a Mac which don’t generally need driver installation) and your M400 shows up and works fine, the C2600 looks like it’s not connecting because it doesn’t have the correct/specific driver for it installed on your NUC - perhaps the NUC is displaying the connection but there is an error as it’s trying to use the same driver as fir the M400?

Did you install the driver that came with your C2600 or download this from Macintosh’s website? If not try this and I suspect you will be up and running.

Best of luck :crossed_fingers:


Hi @Pablo_Fuentes1

Can you do the following?

  • Disconnect the device
  • Reboot your Core
  • Reconnect the device
  • Go to Settings > Audio
  • Use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service). Please send us logs from the RoonServer folder and the RAATServer folder on your Core.

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