Roon can't find my desktop as output device [Resolved pc not visible on network]

Just (today) downloaded and installed the full Roon app (1.3, build 262, 64 bit), on my 64 bit Windows 10 desktop in my home office. There is no “connected to this PC” option in the audio settings, so I can’t get Roon to play through the desktop speakers (yes, the setup is otherwise fine, insofar as windows noises are played just fine, including audio from youtube and such).

Trying to use the analog audio jack out from the ASUS Sabertooth x79 motherboard. 32 gigs of DDR3 RAM. Intel i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60GHz. Roon settings shows no output options associated with this PC, but I can use the Roon install on it to change the settings on the Roon core.

Roon Core running on an Intel NUC with ROCK installed. The ROCK serves music just fine to the DAC connected to it, to my AV receiver, to my Squeezebox Touch, and to all the other little devices in the house.

Music stored on a Synology NAS (211j). Everything is connected via ethernet, which otherwise works just fine. Collection of about 57k tracks.

I’ve tried rebooting the ROCK NUC, rebooting the problematic desktop, and uninstalling and re-installing Roon on the problematic desktop. Only one endpoint ever plays at one time in the hosue, so that’s not the cause.

Thank you for your kind help.

Never mind. I figured it out. My PC was not set to be viewable on the network, for some reason. Sorry to waste your time.

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