Roon can't find my music files anymore since the update

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core Version 2.0 (build 1148) production
WD My Book Duo 16To

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hardwired in all the rooms

Connected Audio Devices

Naim ND5 XS 2
Bluesound Node3

Number of Tracks in Library

About 10 000, maybe more, I don’t care. I bought Roon to no longer have to manage files…

Description of Issue

Hi, Since Monday evening when there was an update, my Roon Core NUC Intel server can’t find any music files on the hard drive attached to it.

Yet when I plug the same hard drive into my desktop computer, all the music files are intact. I went to your Trouble Shooting page and unsuccessfully tried the suggested …

I find it completely unacceptable to have this kind of problem following an update. I invested in your software, which I recommend to my friends, as well as in an Intel NUC ROCK device in order to NOT HAVE THAT KIND OF PROBLEM!!!

I’m a music lover, not a technician. And English is not my mother tongue, so it’s difficult for me to understand your way of doing customer service.

Help me. @support

My desktop computer runs Windows 10 by the way.

I just plugged my old Lacie drive, the one I used before the migration to the My Book Duo last spring, just to see and Roon is recovering all the files…

I guess the update changed a setting. But as I said, I’m not a technician. I don’t understand why Roon is making that kind of change without telling us. Without giving us the option to not install or to come back to the old version. That’s very anoying. Roon is supposed to be the CADILLAC of music software…

Same thing just happened to me with Nucleus+ after early access update . Ive gone from >40k tracks down to just 2 albums !
Majorly shocked !

I had the same thing

I was told the following and it seems to be working as my library is currently loading.

Ok, I found a few cases and the problem is that NTFS drives must be ejected properly from windows before they can be placed on Nucleus. There may be a workaround for me to try, but it’s a scary one. Can you try this? You’ll need to plug it into a Windows machine, and then eject the drive properly before attaching it to the Nucleus.

Done it last evening, without any success. My hard disk has always been attached to my NUC ROCK, not a Windows computer. But I can try again just in case…

Mine was also attached to a Rock, i didn’t think it would work, but so far 50,000 tracks of the 70,000 have been uploaded so hopefully it will work. It does need to be ejected properly from the computer rather than just pulling the USB out, that was the only different thing i did.

Still lost my link to Sonos so limited options to listen on.

Good luck

You mean which computer? The NUC or my Desktop?

My half-full 4tb Samsung ssd has been wiped and possibly reformatted but is no longer seen by Nucleus+ !


I pulled the USB that ran from my hard drive to NUC out and connected the hard drive to my desktop. The hard drive appeared in my desktop, the drive was scanned and then disconnected by using the safely remove hardware icon on the bottom right of my desktop, the hard drive was then reconnected to my NUC and when i went to the Roon Settings/storage i was then able to see the drive and reconnect to the relevant directory.

Still loading but looking good at the moment

Roon is never deleting files… Plug your harddisk on another computer and you will see that the files are still there.

Ok, I’ll try tonight and will give you news…

How can I make Nucleus+ see the drive again ? If I take it out to test and reinsert it won’t it be formatted ?


Sorry, I thought your drive was portable… I guess (hope) they are working on an update.

Good Luck With That

It does not work…

This is really terrible. I woke up this morning and opened the Roon app to see any developments and much to my delight the ‘Track’ counter was ticking over adding songs ! Even the Samsung 4tb SSD was back listed in Settings as Nucleus+ Internal Storage ! The counter stopped at over 43k songs and I thought I was back in the game but I really do not know what’s going on here as next time I looked at the app all the counters had been reset down zero and Internal Storage is not recognised as being present so I can’t reinstall the system or even go back to Production Software unless I remove and reformat Internal Storage thereby losing 2tb of music which will need replacing :frowning:
Gutted !

The real question is: why recommend us to buy a Nucleus or a NUC Rock if their updates mess things up on these devices considered to be optimized and perfectly compatible?

A friend of mine was planning on migrating to Roon, but when I explained to him that it’s been a week without a response from Roon support, he reconsiders his options.

After today’s update, the external hard drive that got bitten by nucleus+ is not recognized.

@support Could you please just inform us on the status of the solution you are working on (if any)?

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