Roon can't find Synology NAS

Hello all, I need some help getting Roon to find and connect to my Synology 216j NAS. My Roon core is a Sonictransporter.

I’ve taken the step to make sure my MacBook can find the NAS on my network, which it can. When I used a Sonos previously, it found the NAS without a problem.

I’ve been trying to add a “watched” folder, using paths for both the NAS’s name and its IP address. Nothing works. The error message says “cannot find suitable server”.

Am I missing something simple here?


A few things. Here’s what I did (Roon Core on Ubuntu Intel NUC, Synology 216+II):

  1. Make sure the NAS has Windows File Service enabled (on the File Services control panel), with SMB 3 set in advanced settings.
  2. Make sure your NAS music folder is a shared folder.
  3. When setting the watched folder in Roon, use smb:///music/… where is the local IP address of your NAS (ideally set as a fixed IP on your router), “music” is the shared music folder, and … is the rest of the path to the folder containing the music you want Roon to stream.
  4. I think you may have to enter a NAS user name and suitable password when you do 3.

Good luck!

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Thanks, Fernando – very helpful advice and much appreciated.

All best,