Roon can't play Tidal through Lumin D2

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Surface Pro/windiws 10

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Arris modem/Netgear Wi-Fi extender

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Lumin D2 using wifi

Description Of Issue

Have been using this problem free since early this year. Suddenly Roon cannot connect to Tidal. It searches forb selected track for a few seconds then stops with a quick pop up that there is a problem connecting to Tidal. Lumin app works fine, I just don’t like it hence Roon. I have a strong Wi-Fi signal to Surface Pro, all other devices in the house work fine. When it dies work there is a 30-60 second gap between selecting a track and it starting. Sometimes once it gets going in an album it keeps going smoothly but as soon as I select a new artist problem starts again. Very frustrating! Any help?

Restart the core machine and see if that helps. Also does the normal tidal app work normally?

The Surface Pro is my core, I think? Its the only device with Roon. I restart it every time I listen.
Just did and Roon not connecting at all.

Does the tidal app connect (not roon) and is this via WiFi? Maybe can report the data speed using or

Yes I can use Tidal on my phone. But Cannot coonnect Tidal app to Lumin, would love to and posted a question of how to do this on Audiogon, no help so far there.

And yes this is via Wi-Fi

The Tidal app on the Surface Pro also connects

Speed is important for roon and WiFi for the core and to endpoints is not ideal or recommended.

Most of that notice is foreign language to me. I know how to plug in my modem and Wi-Fi extenders, that’s it. Its worked smoothly from inception through ab week ago.

My Wi-Fi signal reads 100% all over the house, Roon should work I think.

And the results? That’s not hard to do and will determine what data rates you are getting

Thanks that was helpful. In the room where the Core is located, download is 25, upload is 13. Is this sufficient?

Well it might be marginal for one way music but are you trying to play it out the same WiFi to your lumin? This will eat up your WiFi connection more than it can cope perhaps.

Does playback using the surface local output work ok?

Sorry I don’t understand the first question about the Lumin? I’m trying to direct the Lumin to play Tidal through Roon in the Surface Pro. Tidal works fine from the Surface Pro but obviously only plays through the Surface Pro.

How is the Lumin connected to the surface pro?

The Wi-Fi signal.

So you are trying to stream from tidal to roon then roon to lumin both using the same WiFi connection…this is likely the issue. Can you connect the lumin to the surface with usb! Or connect the surface to Ethernet instead of wifi

Sorry I’m basically illiterate with these things. I turn on the audio system, turn on the Surface Pro, open Roon app, Roon is connected to the Lumin through Wi-Fi, select music and hit play.

So this has worked all the time this way? What about the tracks you are playing what bitrate are they 16/44.1 or higher like MQA With 24/96 etc?

After my last message yesterday I got a pop up saying I reached my maximum daily messages as a first time user, so thats why I dropped off. To answer your last question, Yes this set up has been working fine even streaming MQA through Tidal, at least it appears so, never saw any sign that it wasn’t, all MQA tracks play. And the Lumin app plays fine from my phone. I bought a USB c to USB a cable yesterday to try your suggestion of connecting the Surface Pro to the Lumin. No help. I don’t know what kind if signal the USB c port sends out, it doesn’t seem to be a digital signal.