Roon can't play tracks on a remote Windows10 laptop, running RoonBridge over HDMI

Roon Core Machine

HP EliteDesk i7-4790, 16GB. Running Roon Core v.2.0 (build 1202) production (64bit)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Regular Service Provider Wifi router, using 5Ghz band
My library is on a QNAP NAS. RoonCore access the NAS using SAMBA/windows network drive.

Connected Audio Devices

HP Windows10 running RoonCore <-WiFi → Windows10 laptop running RoonBridge ← HDMI → Marantz HomeTheater

Number of Tracks in Library

16,643 tracks

Description of Issue

I´ve got hooked up my Laptop running RoonBridge to my hometheater via HDMI. roon Core manages/streams audio to that laptop via Wifi 5Ghz. However, when I try to play music over the HDMI interface from that laptop, I get the following error:
“Too many failures. Stopping playback”
Strangely enough, if I select to play the music instead of using HDMI, using built-in laptop speakers there’s no issue. The HDMI audio connection between the laptop and the Marantz-AVR is fine, as I can play music and videos (using laptop’s local app, foobar and youtube)
Any ideas why I am getting that error? Where can I get some logs which would shed some light?
Thank you

Hi @Alvaro_Gutierrez_Gra,

Thank you for your report and we’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues.

The tech support team attempted to pull automated diagnostics but were unable to get through to your Core. If you don’t mind, please follow use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader?

I would go to Roon - Settings - Audio and make sure the Marantz is set up properly.

Hi @connor
Thanks for your help. I´ve just uploaded the logs to your file server.



Hi @connor
Could you kindly provide any updates, please? I uploaded the files, were you able to get them?

Hi Alvaro, as an FYI, Connor doesn’t work weekends. He will be back on Monday.

Hi @Alvaro_Gutierrez_Gra,

Please accept our apologies for the lapse. Are you still experiencing this issue?

The team examined diagnostics from the previous upload several weeks ago, and there were errors associated with a network storage location in addition to the playback failures with multiple endpoints in addition to the Marantz. System Output on the laptop, as well as a phone, were failing to load both local and streamed content.

This is to say it’s worth verifying that your endpoints and Remotes have reliable access to your Core and storage. I’d verify there aren’t a) multiple subnets or b) devices switching to the 2.4gHz band. Also check that any network firewall settings aren’t interfering with Roon. Do you know the make/model of ISP-provided gateway?

The HDMI errors with the Marantz themselves suggest that this Zone isn’t configured to play certain file types. Are you able to share a screenshot of the Device Setup dialog window for this Zone, available under Roon → Settings → Audio by clicking on the gear?

I’d also verify your Windows audio drivers are up-to-date. Have you recently updated Windows, by chance?

We’ll keep a lookout for your reply.

Hi @connor thanks for getting back. I accept your apologies for getting back with such a huge delay (more than a month).
During this month gap, my laptop running Roon Bridge has been upgraded to Windows 11.
Going back to your questions:
a) Nope, there’s a single Network QNAP (were music library is), and Roon Core are configured with static IPs and wired. Roon bridge running on my laptop, uses DHCP (from ISP-provider WiFi router using 5Ghz band)
b) FW is fine on both Roon Bridge (laptop and Core) as they can communicate fine. The controller running on my iPad Mini connects to them fine.
C) Audio drivers are ok, checked and Win11 says they are updated.
Find attached a screenshot describing my issues. Whenever I change my latop’s audio output settings (where Roon Bridge runs), to use either 5.1 or Dolby Atmos, Roon fails to play files (either stereo or mch files). If I configure it to Stereo output, Roon Bridge plays fine,but multichannel files, are downmixed to stereo.
I also uploaded latest logs onto Roon Log Uploader.

Thanks for your support.

Audio settings

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