Roon can't see all the music in my Music Folder

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

All connected by Cat5 cable:
Nucleus, Synology NAS (music folder here), iMac (Late 2015 16GB memory)

Connected Audio Devices

Cat5> Marantz pre-pro
USB> DAC+CD player

Number of Tracks in Library

15’000 I think? I can’t see it now because I broke the connection between Roon and the Music Folder in trying to fix it LOL

Description of Issue

Roon can see and play only some of the music in my folder, while I can see all the music…
Also I broke the connection between Roon and the music folder and can’t get it back now.

Ok I got Roon pointed to the Music Folder again so that works, whew.
And it looks like it’s being all my music now!
In re-connecting the Music Folder I realized I misspelled the name of the folder so somehow it was seeing some of the music but not all of it?
Super weird but fixed so who knows…

Oooops, I lied, music still not being found.
I connected my Tidal account and THAT’S what I’m seeing, not the CDs that I ripped from my collection.

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