Roon Can't See Meridian 218 Zone

I just lost my connection to the 218 - had been working for many months and now disappeared overnight. The 218 can be approached through the Meridian MSR app on my iPad and will follow commands, but no Roon connection. If I connect the 218 to the network switch closest to my Roon core, it shows up, but not at any connection further downstream (the MSR app seems to connect everywhere). Reinstalling Roon did nothing, changing static-dynamic (and back) IP addresses, changing cables, bypassing other switches, connecting the 218 directly to my router - all without effect. @support anybody any further suggestions?

Hello @Peter_Overbosch,

I have split your post as to better assist you individually here. Can you please let me know what exactly you mean by “connection further downstream”? What are your other networking devices here? Please list the model/manufacturer for your Router/Switches/Range Extenders/Powerline adapters/ect. Have you tried rebooting your Core yet? What are the specs for your Core? Please let me know when possible.


Hi Noris, thanks for getting back to me so quickly, but we’ll leave the problem for now, because I have found a solution.
A little more detail: my home-network spans 3 floors, of which only the the ground floor (GF), where the stereo resides, and the upper level (UL), where the NAS stands, matter. The Roon core PC was also on the UL, connected to the same switch as the NAS. That UL switch connects to a large switch on the GF, next to the router (Fritz!), which then in turn connects to a third switch next to the stereo, connecting the Meridian 218 but also some TV-related units. There were thus 3 (Netgear) switches and one floor between the Roon core and the M 218. That has functioned flawlessly for more than a year, until earlier this week when the Roon core suddenly couldn’t find the M 218 anymore. Something must have changed, but I am clueless as to what it was.
In my attempts to find a solution, I brought the M 218 upstairs and connected it to the same switch as the Roon core and the NAS. Then the Roon core did find the NAS again. Now I have taken the Roon core downstairs and connected it to the GF switch next to the stereo and things work again. Conclusion: 3 switches between core and M 218 is too much (it wasn’t for more than a year, but now it is) but connecting them to the same switch makes things work again.
The same problem doesn’t seem to occur with the NAS - 3 switches is not a problem in accessing my music (or my movies). It also is not a problem for Teamviewer, which finds the Roon core PC without any problem across the 3 switches.
I have no idea what actually caused this sudden problem, but the solution works and is not necessarily inconvenient, so I am happy to leave things as they are at this moment.
Thanks again for your prompt support, and I will reach out again should this arrangement also break down, but for now I remain optimistic.
Best, Peter

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Thanks for letting me know @Peter_Overbosch. I agree that the three switches you are using may have been a cause for the zone not showing up, please do let me know if you require assistance in the future regarding this issue, I will leave this thread open.

As for better management of your network, you may also want to take a look at our Networking Best Practices Manual and search those switches for “flow control” or multicast settings to make sure they’re activated if this ever pops up again.