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I am trying to link my Synology NAS to my Roon software and it keeps failing. I have access to my NAS through Finder and can log into it through DiskStation … but keep getting errors when trying to connect.

Can someone please talk me through (like a dummy lol) what I’m missing on the setup?

Thanks in advance

Hi Charlie,

Fellow User here. Have you read the FAQ on setting up NAS access? Link below:

Yes I have read it and still having issues. This is getting really frustrating. I have two friends with similar set ups and settings that can’t seem to figure it out either…

Well the basic connection line syntax is


instead of the NASDRIVENAME try the IP address of the synology
Also, verify that the Share on the Synology is actually called Music, if not, change it as appropriate

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Hi @Charlie_Thomas, can you share some screenshots of what you’re entering into Roon currently? We can help make adjustments to this so it’ll work for you. Thanks!