Roon can't use VPN streaming recently

With the recent upgrade of roon, Areas A and B are not in the same network segment, Area A uses Tailscale to connect to the roon core in area B, and cannot stream to the HQPlayer Desktop in the local LAN in area A. It is OK to use the old version of roon.


Roon do not support downgrading, so unless you have a old version the Roon installation and a DB backup taken with that old version there’s not much you can do. Even if you could do this I’d not recommend it as you’d be stuck with that version and Roon phone and tablet app would be soon or later be incompatible (as would Roon’s cloud services).

Personally I’d make my focus identifying what’s happening network wise and troubleshooting.

I’m assuming that Areas A and B are in different locations with each using their own ISP connection.
hence the user of TailScale. Is this correct?

Is it not possible to also use TailScale to “move” HQP from LAN A to LAN B?
So that Roon Server, Roon Remote and HQP are all in the same VLAN.

May be describing your set in more detail would help here… for others to help.