Roon CarPlay search got worse

Roon Core Machine

2014 Mac mini

Networking Gear & Setup Details

T-Mobile Home internet

Connected Audio Devices

Auralic, Wiim and iPhone

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Description of Issue

Now the search got worse. It’s displaying artists in random order now in CarPlay. Before it used to be in alphabetical order but now it’s just random.


Hi @Abrahams_Bogere ,

Thanks for your question here! Android Auto/CC enforces a limit to how many items can be shown in any list. In this case, it’s about 200 items. What you are seeing is your browsers sorted by Most Played, as we found this worked well for the most common use case—“I want to listen to something immediately that I will probably like”—and it made the on-screen alphabetical indexing control most useful.

Having said this, I understand that it can be disappointing for some users who have larger libraries to only see a portion of their browsers on AA. It’s important to keep in mind that these systems were designed to prioritize convenience, speed, and most importantly safety, which means that short, useful lists are the goal.

We understand that it’s not the ideal solution for everyone, and hope this limitation can be appreciated in the context of the overall design goals for Android Auto.

Oh man. That’s rather interesting. Yeah I know Apple CarPlay and Android auto have limitations. I think those two companies need to do a bit more research here. I understand safety is involved, but if one wants to listen to an album would hate to blindly grab the phone to type.

Maybe there should be a better method with those platforms. I will say voice doesn’t work and I think Roon shouldn’t waste their time there (unless you planned to).

Don’t grab the phone. The whole purpose of CarPlay is to not grab the phone. Just play whatever you can from the screen. I find that Roon ARC is too slow to do much else but click on play and listen. If I want to listen to a specific album, I use Apple Music.

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Yeah I have Apple Music. On long road trips I do play longer playlists. So I set it and forget. Sometimes l am like I really want to hear this, it that interface requires me to grab the phone. But yeah you are right I see too many texting and driving. That’s something I don’t do.

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