Roon catering to Dinosaurs?

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@Jeugen Joe, I have a Devialet 200 (non-Pro), so the most recent firmware is 10.1.0. I am running Roon 1.5 Build 363 (most recent firmware). You might check with the Roon staff as any Devialet should work fine as I described.

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I’ve been using Roon AIR since it first was released to replace the flakey Devialet AIR app. Devialet did get their Devialet AIR app to work most of the time with the latest release, but it still has problems whereas I have no problems at all with using Roon AIR including continuous Roon playback across bitrate changes. I’m using the latest version of Roon and Devialet’s firmware for Expert Pro with CI board. The only way it could be better is when Devialet finally supports Roon RAAT (work in progress as I understand it).

You might want to post your issues on Lots of good folks there that may be able to help.

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Roon does indeed cater to dinosaurs:

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I knew it! :laughing:


My Devialet Expert 120 (10.1.0 version software) works like a charm with Roon. It is incredibly convenient to switch the unit on/off and set the volume within the app. Great stuff!!!

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While I get what you’re saying, when I’ve demonstrated Roon to my kids and set them up a profile, they totally get it. From my college son to my 17 year old daughter, to my 12 year old daughter, they all saw Roon and GOT it. Those that still buy CDs asked me to add their CDs. The ones that stream use Tidal. They like the linking. They like the lyrics. They like the deep connections.

So, dinosaurs? I’m not sure I agree.

PS. I still have four more kids to show it to here but those kids tend to listen to music using the speakers in their phones…so maybe that makes your point. But if you can grab half a market…


My perception is that Roon has appeal to audiophile streaming users as a front end (currently for Tidal) so it’s not just for the collectors looking for a media mgmt. system.

I think these needs will continue to exist but the way they are met continues to change:

  • access to content (hybrid seems to be the answer with a growing mix of streaming vs. user provided content but there are still preferred masters and rare content not available from a service)
  • best sound quality (which currently comes in various formats)
  • organization & information (Roon currently has advantages w/either streaming or local content).
  • access (anywhere, anytime) - As a Roon user I still need a mobile solution like Apple Music on my iPhone.
  • Social & sharing - remember playing records for visitors and making mix tapes? I think Spotify has some of these features.

I think some kids will find audiophile interests later in life when the means and time to enjoy a HiFi becomes more available.

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But are they dancing to streamed music?


They were. Walking the Dinosaur. They was. Not was. Now extinct. Oh, I’m getting old

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You think these demographics are bad? My other hobby is Amateur Astronomy. As a “50-something”, I’m a spring chicken in our club!

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Are You Okay?

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Plastic model airplanes here. Can you say “lady repellent?” Lol. Thank God I married before I returned to the hobby of my childhood.

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Was not Was. “Walk the Dinosaur” from “What Up, Dog?” , 1988, Chrysalis Records.


I’m a vinyl fan but I’ve only got about 100 albums and 300 CDs and listen mainly to Tidal. I was aware of Roon but didn’t know why I would need it.

Then a friend explained that Roon was like an OS for music that could run on a wide variety of hardware, freeing you from the limitations of a single hardware vendor or app. Plus I learned I could control music to give other systems in my house, including Sonos, Marantz, squeezebox, AirPlay and my audiophile setup.

I’m pretty sold on the value of Roon even though I don’t really have a large collection and source most of my stuff via streaming. I think a bit of experience with iRoon makes you a believer.

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I like that…


I agree to a certain extent but Roon will never be for the masses like Spotify. They are focused on the audiophile community. They are also exploring DSP . Everything. Changes but Roon is the best money I’ve spent on my system in years, I just love it.

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it is amazing the variety of experiences of the Roon user, and the different things which we like about it. For me, streaming integration is absolutely essential, though not because I don’t have files to curate, but because I made the shortsighted decision to rip them all in 320 vs lossless. Now Roon calls up my specific library but I can select the TIDAL FLAC or high-res version instead of my lower-quality rips, while still having access to the files that are not accessible via TIDAL.

The second most essential thing for me is what I call ‘middle band’ albums and artists - things I enjoy sampling (and now digitally ‘collecting’) but that I otherwise wouldn’t buy. As a recent example, I have gone on a tear discovering Brad Mehldau’s recordings, and have added everything from TIDAL to my collection. BR (before Roon), I would likely not have spent the money on his CDs and therefore would have been deprived of some great listening experiences.

The third thing is the linkages. While I was impressed by the integral reviews at first, there is really limited data available and I doesn’t stand up to repeat viewing. However, I recently spent an entire day deep diving related music after first listening to a Graham Nash album (which I added from TIDAL, btw). What a magnificent experience it was doing close listening to Manassas, CSNY, Crosby-Nash, the Byrds, Gram Parsons, and the Flying Burrito brothers as a result of that one stepping off point. (It should be noted that the linkages were all manual, and I do wish Roon better could automate some of those connections, especially into the TIDAL library).

My point (to return to the topic) is that Roon has gotten this dinosaur to step at least one foot into the world of streaming (including upgrading my setup to enjoy great sound), and my Jurassic tendencies, while still intact, are complemented nicely (nearly perfectly) by what Roon offers. Win-win. (And, further dinosaur-ish, to wit - I would likely have jumped in with two feet and gotten a Roon lifetime membership, but I spent too much this fall already on reissue CD box sets.)

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Im in my late 40’s and use Roon at home and my workplace and originally used my own library for listening but got fed up of maintaining two databases. So, I spent an afternoon adding the equivalent albums in Tidal of which it had 95% and stopped syncing my own library.

Now, whenever I add an album on Tidal, my home and workplace areas are both always in sync.

Ive found it much more efficient and its nice not worrying about making sure local and work libraries are in sync.

I also now run my home core on a lowly Minix Atom mini Pc steaming to a RPi with Allo Boss dac with no problems at all.

I still buy records of my very favourite albums but I’m now very content with steaming as a main source.

You’ve only got to look at the situation here in the UK again, with HMV going into imminent administration for the second time in a few years to see streaming is the prominent source of music listening.

Just my view on things and I respect everyone’s point of view… We’re all music addicts and it’s ok to get your fix how you so desire :+1::+1::+1:

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Now that Tidal HiFi streaming is here, It sounds is as good or better than the originals, and in the case of MQA tracks Better than the old analogue original. I seldom listen to anything that I have ripped over what I can stream on Tidal. I find young folk, have just not heard a good sound system as often as in our era. Once they hear it they appreciate it. Are they willing to pay for it?? Thats the tough question.