Roon catering to Dinosaurs?

(Scott Winders) #82

Amen! The biggest problem I have with Tidal is the mastering choices made. I use Tidal to explore music to find what I like. Then I go figure out what the best masterings are, usually on Hoffman’s forum, and then track down that mastering I want and buy it.

I see no reason to get rid of my CDs.

(Mike O'Neill) #83

Am I glad my hearing is shot

That way I can focus on listening music rather than pontificating about “minuscule “ differences in sound quality

I stream and have an extensive media library , my only beef with Roon is navigating my way around the library

Off to my chair to listen :nerd_face:

(Daniel Beyer) #84

Well, differences in mastering and mixing can be very apparant no perfect hearing required.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #85

Finding the best masters is a fun hobby!

(John B) #86

… or a certifiable psychiatric illness depending where on the spectrum you land.

For a year or so I sought out MOFI or AF or Japanese releases until I discovered that the day and night differences were not only much more nuanced that in some cases I preferred the bog standard CD release.

Why is the standard release never preferable to the gold Japanese incense impregnated version (that I happen to own)?

I’m not suggesting that there are hardly any differences, I have many sought out mastering (Bowie) that are so much better than unlistenable remasters.


(Dominique) #87

Very true - sometimes Remasterings can really do miracles - especially on 50s/60s recordings. Really amazing what is possible, but I have also bought and sought out Remasters which were awful and actually cut out stuff that were part of the music, because the engineer was clueless, making the first CD Release so much better.

But really this is the whole fun of collecting, finding that “perfect” recording, getting it fro Japan or Mexico or godnows where from. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose…

(Ralph Pantuso) #88

The internet? :hushed:

(Kevin Camel) #89

Vinyl is dead. Long live vinyl.

In other words, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Enjoy the music

(G_Man) #90

“All (younger) people I know have no mediums anymore, also not collecting music in digital form - everything is readily available in Spotify - which is what most use.”

So, if these younger people do something, that makes it right and what the rest of us do is wrong??

Your post tells me that you are missing the point of Roon and why all these people love it so much and why now on a daily basis I see multiple announcements of high end equipment which is now Roon Ready. I use to worry that Roon might not survive, but I don’t worry any more.

Back to your article: I don’t have the time to read to 88 responses to your inflammatory post. But If you meant to stir things up, you certainly succeeded.


Yes, it’s fascinating. Recently there have been some releases of Kate Bush’s old stuff, and for the life of me I can’t see any benefit with the new stuff, it’s sounding brittle compared with my 1980’s cd rips!! Remastered does not necessarily mean better either :slight_smile:


I don’t think the OP was trying to define right and wrong. Just pointing out that a target audience is older people with a shrinking amount of numbers. I would agree that Roon are catering to Dinosaurs, but not exclusively!

(G_Man) #93

Thank you for reminding me, as I tell my kids, all good music was invented before they were born.

A song constituting of two or maximum 3 notes repeating over and over is not music.

The upcoming “iPad” generation (my term), little kids staring at iPads so that they don’t bother their parents who are busy staring at their smart phones is even more worrisome, with even shorter attention spans.

(Frank Daman) #94

Unless you call it minimal music :rofl:


I’m 68 and I can remember my parents saying the same thing. :laughing:

Nothing changes.

(GaryM) #96


Or Neil Young’s solo on Cinnamon Girl - one note!

(stephen carlson) #98

I could not agree more. Until Roon includes this feature it does not hold enough value for me to pay for it. I have been waiting for Roon to allow additional streaming services through their front end. I dont mind if there isnt the rich metadata for these services. I am desperately waiting for an audiophile program that lets me stream tidal and Quboz and also listen to the music that I own and listen to Soundcloud, which albeit a lossy format has music you cannot find anywhere else. Soundcloud is %75 of what I listen to. I am tired of switching between programs to listen to various digital sources. Roon would be my top choice as I am also interested in the room correction integration.
A simple virtual soundcard function would be the tipping point for me to buy a lifetime membership to Roon. This way any music I stream from services outside of Roons supported streaming services would play through Roon and take advantage of Roons powerful room correction suite. No licence agreement needed from Soundcloud, Mixcloud etc. I dont need Roon to tell me what Im listening to and who the artist is and what they eat for breakfast. All that info is nice but not imperative to enjoying all my music in one place.

Agreed Dinosaur mentality!


Why do some of you guys always capitalize the word “dinosaur”? Is this because T. rex and co. were BIG? :joy:

(Sorry, couldn’t resist the temptation…)

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #100

.So, I’m doing something that is maybe slightly unusual. Like a lot of you I use Roon/Tidal and Qobuz (Via Sonos and Auralic) to discover new music, then I purchase on cd if i like it.
I love the simplicity of Streaming, but with retirement in just over six years (I will be sixty), My wife and I are moving to Umbria in Italy and fear the internet in more remote regions may not be as capable as the UK.
No one wants to put all their eggs in one basket, so we are not, but enjoying Roon and other streaming options for now, that said, we will miss it, but compared to what we are getting in exchange, small loss.
So, yes I am a fully qualified Jurassic park member.


Nice plan to move to Umbria, I love the region there. Florence is close, Rome is close and the coast is not too far away (important for a sailor :grinning:).