Roon causing kernel panic on M1 Mac mini

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini M1 / 8GB / 256GB
Monterey 12.0.1 clean install from formatted drive

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Gbit Ethernet connection throughout
Cisco dumb switch
TPLink Archer C7 x2
Sky Q modem / router

Connected Audio Devices

HDMI from Core to Pioneer multichannel amp
Ethernet (mRendu, Naim Muso)

Number of Tracks in Library

65,000 tracks

Description of Issue

The Mac mini has a kernel panic and crashes pretty much every day.
I performed a clean install of Monterery 12.0.1 as was an upgrade from Big Surr previously but the crashes persist.
I wasn’t sure what software was to blame but I noticed the following line in the latest crash report:

Panicked task 0xfffffe151439b7d0: 159071 pages, 112 threads: pid 6312: RoonAppliance

The full crash report is available and I can provide any other logging that may be required the next time it happens (probably later today).


I am still experiencing kernel panics on a daily basis and every one of them identified RoonAppliance as the task that was running when the kernel panics.

I have removed the usbc hub that I was using to connect usba hard drives to my mini containing media files and have connected these directly to the usba ports on the mini and am still having the panics.

If I stop Roon Server then the panics stop so this is definitely related to Roon.

I wanted to add that I have now updated the mini to the recently released 12.1 build of macOS and I am still seeing daily kernel panics with RoonAppliance being the running task.

I mention this as I have seen suggestions that macOS 12.1 may fix these panics.

I am still experiencing daily kernel panics (always during the night) and these panics are clearly related somehow to Roon Server.

If I stop Roon Server then the mini runs indefinitely without issue, if I start Roon Server then it WILL panic within 24 hours.

I have had no response to this post in a month since I originally posted it so can somebody please help.

Hi, @Chris_Ellison, sorry for a late reply. Could you, please, share OS level crash reports and RoonServer logs so we could examine them and try to understand what might be causing this issue on your end?



Hi Ivan,

I have DM’d you some logs.

Hi @Ivan,

2nd set of logs sent in DM.

Hi, @Chris_Ellison, I replied to you in one of DMs.



Hi @Chris_Ellison ,

Thanks for sending the logs over. While it is true that RoonApplicance was the task at the time of panic, Roon is designed in such a way that it can’t cause Kernel Panics, see post here:

We suggest taking a look at any attached hardware or other apps that may be attempting to use audio drivers.

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