Roon CEO and Qobuz Podcast today

Should be interesting


For anyone who wants to see it back, look here:

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Thanks for sharing the interview.

Nothing new covered, just one long commercial.

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You’re welcome.

In the podcast there was made reference to playlists of Qobuz hifi partners. Even Roon has 3 playlists on Qobuz.

How comes I cannot view (and access) these hifi playlists? Especially bizar not toview Roon’s own playlists.

You just need to scroll all the way down in the Qobuz playlist section within roon.

Unfortunately, this is not what I get to see .
This is it for me. I am living in Belgium (neighbouring country of France where Qobuz HQ is located)

Where are you residing?


I’m in the US. But was just giving the Chord playlist a listen and has good selection of alternative music in there. Not sure if this is something they used for trade shows. Haven’t looked at the roon ones yet.

Good interview and insight into the evolution and philosophy of roon.

One interesting thing I noticed was it sounds like Qobuz has abandoned their long-promised auto-playlist/“radio” feature, saying roon already does it better so just use that.

I listened to the interview with hope of hearing about any upcoming features from roon but they didn’t reveal much. Thought I heard him say 1.8 at one point was all.

Was nice to hear that it was originally built for their personal use in the beginning. I didn’t know sooloos was it’s own company. Just thought was a Meridian product. And also seems their love of music is still what’s driving them vs just expanding their business. Makes sense why the new features are driven by their own vision than just taking most popular requests.

I thought Enno did quite good given the circumstances. I’d love to hear a real interview of the Roon guys, as opposed to one done by someone whose job it is to be an overenthusiastic puppy.

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Here’s a thought: with each major software release, it’d be nice to have @enno @danny or someone else from Roon do a short video on the new functionality that is posted to the site, YouTube, etc. Text notes are always provided but having a video with screen shots would be terrific. Only with major releases (1.6, 1.7, 1.8 etc.) so as not to tie up the good folks at Roon.


I dont get this either in the Uk