Roon Certified Bryston DACs?


Would there be any advantages to have Bryston’s DACs become “Roon Certified”?

The DACs need to be feed by a source component. The source needs to be Roon Certified, not the DAC.

I think the BDP-2 and BDP-Pi Digital Players are both certified.

This is for Roon Ready network products. Roon will also designate DACs as Roon Tested. Given most USB DACs will work with Roon when fed from a suitable device there is less need for getting DACs Roon Tested. See this for more details.

Thanks for pointing out my miss-use of their terminology.

What I meant to ask is: Would there be any advantages to have Bryston DAC’s become Roon “Tested” ?

I have asked this question because I think that, IF by becoming Roon Tested, the DACs would appear within the Signal Path, then that could represent a nice added feature.

If someone from Roon could answer this question, that would be great. I am a Bryston Dealer and could nag them to submit DACs for testing :wink:

Let’s flag @robdarling to see if there’s anything to report.