Roon certified endpoint icons

Now that the Chord Hugo M-Scaler is Roon certified, we get this nifty and cute little logo:


But in the Zones menu, it just shows up as a speaker:

Not a terribly important issue, but would love the Zone icon to look like the HMS! :wink: How?!

Hi @Matt_Cuttler,

Is the behavior the same if you reboot your Core?

yes. i’ve reboooted my core numerous times since the certification.

Hi @Matt_Cuttler,

If you right click the zone in the zone picker and go to Zone Settings what icon do you see there?

Hi @Matt_Cuttler,

Thanks for sharing that screenshot. Can I please request that you send me a copy of your Roon log by using these instructions? I’d like to take a look. Please include both the Roon logs folder and the RAATServer logs folder. Thanks!

I am struggling with how to find the logs on an Innuos Zenith mk3 core. There is no “Data” directory. Any ideas?

Never mind–I found it!

Here you go:

Hi @Matt_Cuttler,

Thanks for sending those log files over! I have requested the technical team review them to take a look for any issues with the device icon package. I will be sure to let you know once I hear back, thanks!

Hi @Matt_Cuttler,

I spoke to the technical team regarding this issue and they have inquired if you by any chance see the M Scalar Icon if you click on “Edit Zone Icon” in your second screenshot (the one of Zone Settings). Does it by any chance pop up there?


I usually use my Mojo with the accompanying Poly streamer but sometimes also directly connected (via USB) on my desktop PC running the Windows Roon all-in-one but used only as Control. This setup provides the right logo.
Just out fun – and because of this thread – I connected it directly to the Core which runs the Linux x64 Core install and I also ran into the missing Icon problem.

Interesting. I connected my Mojo to the Core (Ubuntu 18.04.3) for the first time and it is correctly identified in Audio Setting and the Zone.

I’m on a 4.x kernel. Maybe that’s the difference?


Note: This Core also does not report the usual standard audio devices (onboard audio, HDMI, …).

All is working fine if I connect the Mojo directly to my QNAP based Roon Core (Kernel 4.14.24 according to the QNAP website) including the reporting of the standard onboard audio devices.

I will try to connect my M-Scaler directly into my iMac Roon remote and see what result. Back ASAP.

OK–I have confirmed that hooking up the M-Scaler to the iMac running Roon as a remote displays the icon properly. So this has something to do with it being hooked up directly to my Roon Core (Innuos Zenith mk3).

Does that help?!

Hi @Matt_Cuttler,

When you have the M Scalar connected directly to the Innuous can you try to:
Right click on the zone in the bottom right -> Device Setup -> Not your device -> Re-identify the Chord M Scalar? Does that change anything?

Yes! That fixed it. Thank you and happy holidays.

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Glad to hear that it helped @Matt_Cuttler! Take care and happy holidays to you as well :slight_smile: :snowflake:

This helped on my Core also. :smiley:

Happy holidays.