ROON Certified Streamer with Dirac

Are there any Streamers that include Dirac that are Roon Certified?

Arcam SA30? Though that’s a fully integrated streamer/dac/amp. I’m just trying to remember if the NAD C658 has it.

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Does this automagically appear as a Roon zone/endpoint, or do I need to have volumino somewhere?

There are also the NAD C 658 BluOS Streaming DAC and the M10 BluOS Streaming Amplifier.
Both have Dirac Live light and can be upgraded to the full Dirac Live.

Thanks for the feedback! It appears that all of the above mentioned (Arcam, NAD, MiniDSP), while very feature packed, have at least one thing in common: None are certified as Roon Ready.

No explanation that I have found as to why they are not certified.