Roon Changed My Library

I had all my albums (close to 6,000) and files (more than 100,000) arranged a specific way in my old iTunes library. When I switched to Roon, my album art was changed, the titles were changed, and even the artists were changed. I no longer know which album is which. Most specifically, in the case when I have various re-masterings or releases, I cannot tell which is which. If an artist recorded the same music on different occasions, I cannot tell which recording is which.

Is there a way to have Roon render all the files on a drive and important them as a Roon library without changing all these things (i.e., art, titles, etc.) that I have patiently built up over the years?

Take a look at Import Settings (see below). Any changes you make will update your current library. You’ll find more details here:

Thank you so much. I guess I have a lot to learn with this software.
But here is my new problem. You have shown me how to set up input. How do I now clear my Roon library and start from fresh? Changing these settings now does not revert to what I had. So I think I need to start from scratch.

I found a post about this, which seems to say I go into “settings”. But where? In Roon or on my Mac? I try to find Roon library on my Mac, and it doesn’t seem to exist. Specifically, I am told to remove “Users/USERNAME/Library/Roon,” But when I type this (with my user name) in finder, there is no file called “Library/Roon.” When I user finder, the only thing I find under “Roon” is the shortcut.

I am lost.

I think if you make changes to import settings, Roon will retrospectively rescan your files and update your library. It has not made any changes to your files.

This is correct, it tells you this on the Import Settings page:

After making changes to import settings, Roon will re-evaluate the data from your files and then apply the updates to your library.