Roon Changing from DSD to PCM


I have a Nucleus + and Project Pre Box RS2 Digital . And Using Qobuz Abo.
my DAC is telling me to be DSD capable :slight_smile: -

As Qobuz is working mainly with Flac Standard - I was very curious about the sound of DSD Standard. Now I was getting a song which is on DSD 64 - and I was playing this song.

But Roon is exchanging from DSD to PCM. I see that you had already a number of Topics by other persons having the same problem - and I looked to these Topics. But unfortunately it is not clear to me what I have to do to avoid the conversion.

can you instruct me what I have to do to avoid conversion?

Thanks for your support.


Post a screenshot of your Roon signal path when this occurs.

Hi Peter,

find attached. - thx for your support.


Perhaps this KB article will give you an insight as to why Roon is thinking it needs to convert the audio to PCM…

Make sure your DSD Playback Strategy is set to DoP.