Roon Checking for an update [resolved: reboot required]

When I call up the About Roon screen on my two Windows 10 based PCs I see

Core: Roon Optimized Core Kit
Roon Version 1.4 (build 306) stable (64bit)
Checking for an update…

It seems to never report anything else about the Core. What could be causing this?

It reports that This PC, and my Roon Bridge devices have the latest version installed.

On my Apple iPad Pro the About Roon screen just shows the device details and the version numbers. That screen doesn’t report if things are up-to-date or not. Should it?

The latest version is 310, is Roon being blocked by a firewall?

It shouldn’t be. Will try a reboot.

After the Rock reboot, Roon announced updates were available and everything seems to have updated okay. Not sure why I’m getting these things blocked like this though.

dns wedges … looking into fix