Roon Chromecast display burns OLED TV screen

Can you pls improve what is shown on the display by changing the picture with each track. At the moment the grey box at the bottom always stays the same which burns the screen. Hint: look at how spotify do it which ensures no screen burn in

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Buy a new TV or turn the feature off - I like consistency.

Yes! Problem solved!

How does spotify do it? How DO you show spotify on your TV? Does your TV have a spotify app built in?

unfortunately there is nothing to turn off, oled will burn any image that stays on the screen too long into the screen. i like consistency too - i think there is a happy medium somewhere. apple tv used to flip the display horizontally every now and then which achieved the same thing without ruining the tv display or the content

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spotify shows a whole screen of the artwork - so it changes with each track. using the app built into the tv but its the same with a chromcast or other smart device

Thanks, if I play spotfiy it is usually with Sonos app, so there is no way to get the now playing on a TV. There have been attempts at an AppleTV app to do this for Sonos, but I’ve not seen a good one.

I echo your request to have more dynamic Roon display screens. Both User configurable content and having the screen change up to prevent burn in.


It does seem like it could be a problem.

I read that article and the TLDR is ‘buy a Samsung TV, they don’t use OLEDs’.
Despite the stunning picture quality, OLEDs seem to be a return to the old and familiar Plasma TV issues of ‘best quality but suffers from burn in’.

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