Roon + Chromecast not gapless

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

SonicTransporter i5 (MinimServer). Roon 1.7, ( build 610 ).

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Comcast high speed Gateway. Ethernet.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Sony X950H 4K TV. Audio from Sony TV, ARC to Marantz 5009.

Description Of Issue
When I play Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring ( WAV 16/44.1 ) there is a gap between tracks. This is when streaming from a SonicTransporter i5 ( MinimServer ) to the Sony X950H 4K TV using CHROMECAST streaming.

Using UPnP/DLNA for all other devices on the network the album plays Gapless as should be the case.

Streaming from Roon directly to the Marantz 5009 is gapless.

I know your saying “Well just play directly to the Marantz.” It’s true that is the preferred method, but maybe some folks want to play just the TV sound ( No idea why!! ).

Thanks for any help. Rich

This is a known issue that seems to have appeared in recent builds of Roon. It’s on Roon Labs list of issues to be fixed. See:

Funny I had an album the other day that did not play gaplesss via RAAT first play. Played it again it did. Very odd wonder if it’s related?

Never, ever, had this with RAAT. I do recall (when I had Tidal), that the entry-level subscription of Tidal wouldn’t play gapless, RAAT or no RAAT.

If it happens again, might be worth noting the time and asking Support to diagnose further.

I’ve tried several times with the same results. In fact the first time I Enabled the Sony TV via CHROMECAST the Stravinsky: Rite of Spring would skip 6 or so tracks after the first track ended. I was able to repeat this weird behavior a couple times ( was not on shuffle ). Finally I gave up and Disabled the Sony TV.

After some reading about the issue I gave the TV another chance and this time it did play the tracks in the correct order, but was still NOT gapless.

Will try this test on the Amazon FireStick later to see if it behaves the same way. Will also try the same Stravinsky piece on Qobuz to see if it is gapless.

Thanks. Rich

Tested the Stravinsky: Rite of Spring with Qobuz to the Sony TV via CHROMECAST. Still NOT gapless.

The FireStick 4K via AirPlay is gapless. Thought the FireStick was a CHROMECAST device, but it does not show as such in the Roon Settings/Audio list.


Qobuz app has never been gapless.via Chromecast. Not many apps are , Roons the only one that normally does other than play music I know off.

Firestick has never been Chromecast compatible.

Hello @Richard_Parks,

We are looking into an issue with Chromecasts + Roon streaming, please see the following thread for the latest details, thanks!

Any.timeline on when this is going to be fixed? I just subscribed to Roon and gapless Chromecast is one of the reasons I did. Right now I’m stuck using mConnect to push Plex and Tidal to my gapless DNLA renderer or HiFiCast (which doesn’t support Tidal) to Chromecast. Both are on eiclunky and I can’t get TIDAL MQA 96k to workon either.

Hi @Simon_Worrall,

I took a look at our internal tracker today, and I can see that this ticket is still in our development queue.

This means our developers are still planning to look at this, but we don’t yet have a timeframe for when that’s going to happen.

Once the ticket has been scheduled and work begins, I’ll have a better sense of timing here. Thanks in advance for your patience!

In the meantime, one suggestion you can try is to enable Sample Rate Conversion in Roon’s DSP Engine and request Roon to upsample to Max PCM (Power-of-two).

This setting has helped some users while the investigation is in progress.

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This worked for me, which is great. However, you need to let the track play from the beginning to transition gaplessly to the next track. If you jump to near the end of the track to see if the transition is gapless, you get a gap and it also seems to skip tracks from time to time. So, the initial impression you get is that the fix doesn’t work and makes things worse, but in reality it’s fine.

I can now listen to Tannhauser and have it transition gaplessly from the overture into Venusburg, so I’ve got a smile on my face.


Hi, just want to add on here. My Chromecast Audio devices are not playing gapless thru Roon. Also, my NAD C 338, which has Chromecast built-in is also not playing gapless. The frustrating part is sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn’t.

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