Roon client always glitching on M1 Pro Max

Roon Core Machine

Apple Mac Mini M1/OS X 12.5.1 + Pegasus Thunderbolt RAID

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hard-wired Cat 6 gigabit network, Netgear managed switch. No VPN

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

30k tracks+

Description of Issue

As part of the long-standing issues I’m having with both RoonServer and Roon client on M1 Macs, this refers to the client install on my M1 16" Macbook Pro Max 32GB/2TB, running OS X 12.5.1, connected over Thunderbolt 4 to a gigabit ethernet network. After running for 20-30 minutes the client starts glitching (as per hiccup). This can only be resolved by quitting or force-quitting the client and restarting it. restarting any and all network devices or the core does not make any difference.

As a codicil, several days later - it really is astonishing that Roon doesn’t have a proper, ticketed support system for its paying customers.

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Hi Richard,

Can you please give me a little more information on what is meant when you say glitching?

Also, can you give me a date/time stamp for this issue so that I may enable remote diagnostics and see what the logging says?


I held off replying until 2.0 launched. Now installed and testing - so far, so good…

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This is great news! Please come back and let us know if something changes.


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