Roon client app cannot find core while host system is reachable

My Roon client on an Android tablet cannot find the core while its host system is reachable. This happens when the tablet is on another WiFi access point than where the core is located; the network is in the same IP subnet and the host (a Synology NAS) is reachable from all access points in my network, so it is all configured correctly from IP point-of-view. When the tablet is on the WiFi point that is directly connected to the local Layer2 ethernet switch where the NAS is connected, the Core is found without issue.
My assumption: The Core traffic only runs on the local switch that has learnt the MAC addresses locally, but the Core becomes invisible elsewhere. The client application seems to not correctly request where to find the Core, via a MAC multicast request for example, to trigger a reply from the Core. When I flush the MAC table of the local Ethernet switch, the Core is found elsewhere in the network by the client app, but only temporarily. If you exit the app and wait for a while, then re-login gives the problem again: Core not found…

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Hello @Patrick_Wils, and thanks for your report! Are you able to connect to the core if you enter the core’s IP address in the tablet? You can do this by tapping the help option while on the “waiting for your core” screen.

Yes! That works immediately. Thanks very much!
Reconnecting after a while now also works. Was it something with DNS? I don’t know.

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