Roon client - Mac menu bar widget / Windows mini player

Would be nice to be able to minimize Roon Client on Mac and Windows to a mini-player widget that takes little space, but still let’s one see/control the playback.

Kind of like this:


I requested the same feature last year. Sure makes perfect sense to me.


I wish I didn’t have to switch over the Roon app to play/pause or see what is playing. I would love to have a Menu Bar Widget with basic controls and a small (possibly scrolling) display of the current artist/track.

The keyboard media keys work to pause/play and skip/reverse on my late-2013 MacBook Pro. Roon app has to be running of course but not in the foreground.

I’d like to see something like that too with the ability to make it transparent;

and another user keen for exactly this…

Yep, always wanted something like this as well and have requested it before.

I see and use the widget on iOS when I’m using my device as an output. The challenge may lie in the app not being used as output from iOS perspective.

If you’re on a Mac and a Touch Bar fan (nobody), you could play/pause without changing apps by using the Touch Bar.
But I’m really posting because I want some sort of widget too :wink:

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Seriously, I’m so surprised the many requests for a mini player like itunes offers has not gained traction with the roon development team. The itunes one is pretty much perfect, and I often choose that over roon when at my pc.

+1 for this feature

+1 for this as well

users of mac os big sur have the built-in option to use the playing now menu item Screenshot 2021-01-25 at 14.45.38


Thank! so helpful - this has been driving me mad for years. Not sure how I missed it!!

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I’m reading “+1” posts in this thread. They don’t sway things.

If you want to add your vote - click the Vote button at the top of the thread - that’s what counts as a vote…

I completely agree and have been asking for this feature for at least two years. The absence of a mini-player is, in my view, the only shortcoming of the Roon software.

Another user asking for a mini player view. Thank you.


I noticed there is a nice little Roon control window on the Windows 11 Lock screen that displays what is playing as well as a play/pause, next and previous controls.

Is there any way to have that little control window available maybe in the notification tab or as a widget?

I’ve moved your post to the existing Feature Suggestion. Please vote for it by using the Vote button at the top of the thread.

Ok, I guess this means the controls I was refering to is only available on the lock screen then. thanks