Roon client on MacOS crashed and now crashes at start up after a file that was being played was deleted from the file system

Roon Core Machine

Docker on TrueNAS Scale, 16 cores, 128GB Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi Routers, Switches and Access Points

Connected Audio Devices

Mac OS, Chromecast

Number of Tracks in Library

60,000 tracks

Description of Issue

While cleaning up I removed a file that Roon was playing over Chromecast from a client on MacOS. This Roon client crashed due to this, I assume. Now when I start the client on MacOS again it immediately crashes. This is repeatable. The client on the iPhone starts normally.

Have you tried reinstalling the Roon client on your Mac?

I did. The client came up with the error “This album could not be found”.

My message is more about the resilience of the client. I think the client should not crash when a file is removed underneath while playing.

Er, I thought you had deleted the album files - so the client has not crashed, it is telling you the facts. Presumably you can return to the Home page and carry on?

I meant here that I did a reinstall as suggested. Then after the reinstall the warning was shown.

Hi @Rob_Kamp1 ,

Do you still have the previous Roon logs or are able to reproduce the issue? You can access them by using these instructions. If you are able to access the previous logs, please upload them here and let us know:

@noris: I just now uploaded the file called to the server.

Hey @Rob_Kamp1 ,

Apologies, I missed your earlier response and just saw it. I looked through those logs but didn’t see any crash traces, are you still seeing this issue even on Roon 2.0?

That’s because the Roon client crashed, not the server. Is there a way to access the log for the client?

Hi @Rob_Kamp1 ,

Yes, both Roon and RoonServer logs are accessible by using these instructions (Roon logs found in Roon folder, RoonServer in the other):

If you notice any further crashes, please do upload both the Server + Roon logs for review, thanks!

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