Roon Client on Win 10 -> Roon Core on Win 10 Enterprise no sound


I’ve been wanting to try separating Roon client from the core and use a dedicated audio renderer. I use JPlay as the ASIO device which worked fine when the core was on the same system as the client. Now when I use the core on a separate machine, the tracks play but I get no sound. JPlayFemto, the UPnP server works fine. It resides on my laptop and Jplay connects to the dedicated box.

I tried the core on a Ubuntu 19.10 server running nothing but the Roon core. That works flawlessly. Is there any way I can get the core to run on Win 10 Enterprise with JPlay?

Thanks in advance,


Hey Everyone,

It dawned on me the other day that the difference between JPlay Femto working and not Roon was that the Fento server was on my laptop. I moved Roon’s server to my laptop and played through Jplay without a hitch. My stereo is connected to my sound server and Jplay uses that.