Roon client quits when my Apple Silicon MacMini sleeps

Is it just my system - Roon client quits when my Apple Silicon MacMini sleeps?

It shouldn’t probably quit but if it’s your core or playing to a connected endpoint on the same macmini then it will stop playing…sleep will do that

Nope. My Roon server is a 10 year old MacMini (works perfectly). The crashing app is on a new MacMini. I also use an iPhone and a MacBookPro, neither of which has the problem.

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Roon App runs on my M1 Macbook Air (core is Mac Mini) and never quits when I close the lid or put system to sleep. Still running Big Sur 11.6.3

I’ve had a similar experience.

Initially I left the Roon app running but after a few crashes I installed RoonServer, this has not made a difference. I think its caused by my NAS going to sleep and the delay in RoonServer reading from the network share is causing some form of crash. My Roon clients all disconnect/wait to reconnect and then after 15 seconds it reconnects and I can listen again.

Forgot to mention I’m also running Big Sur (11.4) on a Mac Mini M1 reading music from a nas.