Roon clients not working and no music

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC with ROCK
Windows 10 PC
Android Galaxy S21 Ultra
Microsoft Surface Book

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Everything is plugged into my switch.

  • Old network:
    Amplify Router HD with 2 wireless AP, Netgear switch
  • New network
    Sophos XG115, Ruckus ICX 7150-24, Ruckus WAP R650 Unleashed, APC Smart-UPS 1000, Sophos Connect VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Allo DigiOne Signature Player
Schiit Audio Gungnir Multibit

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I just upgraded my network equipment and everything is transferred over just fine except for my Roon.

Please help troubleshoot this error message when I try using one of my client devices. The ROCK Server seems to be operating just fine when I login via the GUI. It was working just fine until I incorporated my new networking gear.

When I launch a client device I receive this message:

“There was an issue loading your database”.

Everything has been power cycled twice.

Just follow the guide:

Thanks for the suggestion. However, why suddenly should I have to do this now when the only thing I changed was my network equipment? Why would that all of a sudden corrupt my database to the point of recreation?

@Matt_Werre Are you sure you are on the same local network?

It’s not likely to have happened overnight.
It can be a slow process and it keeps working until it gets to the point where it can’t as it’s now too corrupt.
It does happen unfortunately.

I only have 1 VLAN and its a flat network

Does anyone have an enterprise grade firewall they are using successfully with Roon?

If so, did you need to setup a bypass rule in the firewall? If so, what FQDN (fully qualified domain name) should I plug into the firewall rule?

No firewall here , can’t help unfortunately, hopefully someone will be able to assist

What type of firewall are we talking about? A firewall between the internet and your local network? No rules should be needed for that type of firewall because any outgoing connections are usually allowed by default.

For local firewalls on your Roon Core and possible Roon Remotes see:

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I think your problem has nothing to do with your latest network changes. Follow the Link @BlackJack posted as the first reply. It’s a stupid coincidence.

I’m not sure what was wrong but everything is fine now and I did not have to adjust the firewall. After the third power cycle of every link in the chain the system working just like before. I did not have to rebuild the database. Perhaps changing the network SSID did something to my Intel NUC with Rock? It’s perfect now with smooth operation and constant music. For what it’s worth, changing from Amplify mesh router with Netgear dumb switch to Sophos firewall and Ruckus managed switch did make a sound improvement to my ears. I didn’t do an A/B but I think the sound is more open and airy. Then again, perhaps I’m just imagining things…

Thanks for the swift responses!

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