Roon closes when switching off screen

NUC10i7FNB-64gb RAM - Win 10 Pro 10.0.19042 with an LG 27UL850 connected through USB-C/thunderbolt running Roon (Core) 1.8 (build 764)

So sometimes when I switch off my screen, RoonCore also closes (it doesn’t seem to crash, just close)… this happens most of the times… sometimes it doesn’t… When connecting my screen through HDMI, it never happens, Core just keeps on running…

Does anybody know if this is a setting in Windows / Roon somewhere?


Hi @Jack_de_Haas and welcome to the Roon forum.

I have a couple of ideas but it’d be good to know a little more about your setup.

What are you using to play music and how is it connected? Sorry, in a hurry ATM.

Edit could it be this?

Thanks for the link Killdozer, but that monitor issue on the reddit thread doesn’t seem quite similar to mine… the only app affected is Roon, I have other apps running on there that stay open… like browsers (brave and MSEdge ) or Plex, and I have also tested some other apps like VLC, MP3Tag, Tidal and Foobar… Also all other devices connected to the Nuc… like peripherals like keyboards, mice, usb drives all function as expected.

So my Nuc is connected through UTP to a simple Netgear Switch, and also via USB to an Arcam Irdac… (which I don’t use for Roon…) Roon goes to the network, which has Synology NAS for music storage… and my endpoints are a Naim Unity Atom and in another room a Bluesound Node2i

Are you running Roon or RoonServer?

Hi Daniel, if Core is the same as the server, yes it’s that instance that closes down (most of the times) when the screen gets turned off.
Thank you, Jack

Hi Jack,

Roon can be confusing. What i meant was do you have Roon with a graphical interface install; and this can be installed as either a Client/Server, OR, as just a client to an existing Server.

Or is the non-gui RoonServer installed, which is just the server part (no graphical interface).

Hi Daniel,
I didn’t even realise the non GUI version is an option :), so no, I don’t have that installed. It is just the regular winx64 graphical interface version.
Thanks, Jack

Hey @Jack_de_Haas,

Welcome to Roon :wave:

I’m sorry I’m saying welcome 9 days too late. I wish we’d have had a chance to get back to you sooner. It looks like, in the meantime, you’ve engaged on our community with other Roon subscribers - thank you!

How are things working out for you now? Can we help with anything?

Thanks Rebekah, it looks like I have to live with the fact that my screen, when connected through usb, will sometimes close down or crash roon… It varies from Mac to Windows… that’s too bad, but nothing shocking… I was kind of hoping there would be a tweak or something, but it seems there’s not… No worries, I love the Roon Experience none the less. and so far, besides this, I have no to very few issues. Best, Jack

Hey @Jack_de_Haas,

I’m so sorry to hear that it is just Roon that crashes with this setup…do you have an option of connecting the monitor differently? Also, have you tried running just RoonServer (no control), as opposed to the Roon software?

Please, let me know if you’d like to talk this over with our technical team. I’ll be happy to loop them in :slight_smile:

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