Roon closing down in core machine by itself (and not on request)

Hi, I am having problems with Roon closing itself down, from the PC core, very shortly after logging in with correct password information, without any direction to do so.

Sometimes, but not recently, Roon closes itself in the middle of playing music. Right now, it simply shuts itself down shortly after logon. The PC itself remains perfectly functional and internet and wifi are running just fine. I’d very much like it to stay on to play music!

I can play music to my stereo through other software programs just fine, but the Roon program keeps shutting itself down.

I’ve tried checking my settings but the Roon program itself keeps closing itself down before I can go too far.

I’m using Windows 10, on a PC, and have downloaded the 64 bit version for the server, based on my Windows 10 also running 64 bit.

I have uninstalled Roon and re-installed it – without changing the situation.

With this, the only part of Roon that is working for me is the forums!

I’d very much appreciate some help on what I should be looking for to fix this.


You might try the 32 bit version.

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Thanks Daniel, that’s worked a treat!


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Hello @Iaminterested, glad things worked out! Please let us know if you have any further issues, we’re happy to help!

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