Roon Cloud outage tonight

Roon Core Machine

Primary: Asus Prime z590, Intel Core i5 11400, 32Gb DDR4, 250Gb Samsung 980 Pro m.2 NVMe, 10Tb WD Red, Windows 11 fully updated
Secondary: Asus B360 ROG Strix, Intel Core i3 8100, 16Gb DDR4, 250Gb Samsung 970 Pro NVMe m.2, 8Tb Samsung 960 QVO SSD Roon OS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired with an Asus RT-AX58U on the far end of a HP Procurve unmanaged Gb-switch.

Connected Audio Devices

Moon 680D v2, Auralic Aries Femto & Mini

Number of Tracks in Library

180K tracks

Description of Issue

About two hours ago i tried playing something from Roon but i had a really bad experience. No search results, no albums in my library showing, just the freakin’ blimp pulsating. After a few attemps to authorize my secondary Core and several restarts i gave up, Roon cloud servers was not on my side.

This is a major Roon drawback, Cloudflare CDN NEEDS to be available for me to be able to play my local music. That is not acceptable considering the track record of Cloudflare/Roon.

As it happens i am reluctant to leave Auralic Lightning DS and Moon Mind behind, as both of these gave me access to the very same library AND Qobuz content while Roon was a “no go”…
And yes, i had excellent Internet access during this and no issues streaming 4K TV in the next room.

Now, everything is working fine again and i can switch licenses between my Cores and even search is functioning.

Please improve “off line” behaviour, cloud computing is so yesterday! :wink:

I use Roon for over 10 hours a day. I haven’t noticed any Roon Cloud outage in a long time.

Are you sure Roon Cloud outage was the cause of your problems?

I’ve been using Roon continuously for the last 4 hours and had no problems at all?

Yes, i’m pretty sure as i couldn’t Search and transferring of licence between my cores was impossible. (just stuck on "authorizing)
It might be regional due to Cloudflare CDN, but as far as i’m concerned thats part of the Roon service nowadays.

Edit: This is the reason we need a “connectivity check up tool” built in to Roon. If there was a way to make certain necessary services were accessible properly there would also be lots of valuable information for finding the source of any disturbance, whether it’s my ISP or router or Cloudflare thats misbehaving.

Especially as i could use Auralics Lightning DS, Moons Mind and also mConnect HD at this time to play local content from my Minim2-server on the primary server as well as Qobuz content from all of these.

I agree that there could be a regional issue, hopefully the support team will take a look at the logs and investigate the cause.

I also agree that a network tool to test the core - server (CDN) would be beneficial to everyone. The ability to test to potential problems that might specifically hit roon functionality would save much frustration & inconvenience for the end user (& might reduce support demands for the team).

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