Roon colicky accessing QobuzUSA and TidAL

Roon 1.6 is experiencing frequent authentication failures talking to both QobuzUSA and TIDAL. Symptoms are login failure and track not found. When playing back an album, the first track will be “missing” but the bulk of the album will play normally. Adding the “missing” track after the one currently playing and it plays. Problem appears to be aggressive timeout of service authentication requests to the current service in use and TIDAL is also affected. TIDAL and Qobuz both function normally from their Mac apps.

My Roon Core is running in a FreeNAS hosted Bhyve VM. FreeNAS server is on fast Ethernet as is the Roon Bridge (RoPieee) playback endpoint. Network topology is Netgear cable modem -> Ubiquity EdgeRouter Lite -> Ubiquity Switch-8-150-Netgear 8 port unmanaged switch.

My desktop iMac is not experiencing these difficulties talking to Qobuz or TIDAL. Topology is similar except rack top switch is a Ubiquity Switch-8-60. I can log in and play back tracks without issue in the Qobuz APP but same issues launching Roon playback of the same material.

I did check my switch settings and found that “flow control” was OFF. I made the recommended settings enable flow control.

The EdgeRouter Lite is set up per the wizard for a single network with DHCP configuration of WAN port and serving DHCP to the local network. DNS is,, and Carrier is Cox Hampton Roads and service is the mid-tier. QoS is not set up. SipAlg is off for VoIP. OOMA Home is running on a local Telo device.

Roon Core is on a Intel Xeon E1225 with 32 GB memory. Host OS is FreeNAS-11.2-U3. VM is Ubuntu 18-10 light installation per Roon Core installation guide. Music and DB are accessed via VM virtual devices rather than over CIFS. Local playback is fine.The physical hardware is on a SuperMicro X11-SCA workstation class board with Intel NICS. The host OS is using the primary NIC with the single VM using a virtual NIC. There are 1 jails running on this host, having an idle Plex server.

A couple of network updates are on order, a USG to replace the EdgeRouter Lite, and second Switch8-19 for audio rack top switch, and a In-Wall access point to take over WiFi duties from a NetGear Orbi in access point mode (not using routing or DHCP and Ethernet bypassing Orbi).

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I replaced the Netgear switch with a Ubiquity Unifi Switch 8-60. Unifi Switch was unhappy. Troubleshooting, I found that the Ethernet run between the network cabinet and the lounge outlet was dodgy. I punched down both ends again resolving the issue. Roon now has proper access to Qobuz and Tidal.