Roon combining metadata from 3 different albums [Merging]

I have three albums. The Beethoven Complete Symphonies [Special Edition], Jack Dejohnette and Special Edition, and Prokofiev Complete Symphonies. Each have multiple CDs in them. Somehow Roon has managed to confuse all these, pulling the artwork from Jack DeJohnette, the description from Prokofiev, and the tracks from Beethoven. If I use identify album to try to fix, it pulls in tracks from both the beet hove and the Jack DeJohnette albums.

Seems like a bug to me.

Hi Carl,

Did you recently rip these albums and edit in Roon using “merge albums” ? There have been issues with that function.

In any event it shouldn’t be happening. Let’s shift this into Support for increased attention and notify @vova and @jeremiah .

Yes. I did rip them and then try to merge the CDs into a multi-CD set. Perhaps one of the issues is that the track numbers had been messed with. So I merged the tracks in Roon, corrected the CD and track number in the merge tool and then identified the album.

Hi Carl,
This was the thread where issues with Merge were discussed:

@Ged_Hickman 's suggestion that Roon sometimes retains previously merged albums as the target for later mergers rings true to me.

Merge issues are being investigated, but have been difficult to replicate.

If the files were in an organised folder then Roon may have made changes to the album directories and tags. In that case I would suggest deleting the files, re-ripping and proceeding as below.

If the files were in a watched folder then I would suggest moving them to a folder outside Roon altogether, updating the library and closing Roon… That should get rid of the chimeras in your library.

Then you can use a tag editor to add/edit disc and track numbers to the files and otherwise check that the discs in each album of a set are identically tagged.

When you are satisfied of that then move the files to their final destination in a Roon watched folder.

That should avoid having to use Merge Album. If, however, you find that you still need to Merge then updating library, closing and restarting Roon after each merge may prevent the issue recurring.

Once you have merged album sets in a watched folder then identification shouldnt change the album in a way that requires merger. When there are multiple versions of an identified album (set out under the album picture) then there can sometimes be bonus tracks to contend with, but that doesn’t sound likely with your albums.

Well, that worked, but obviously, is highly less then desirable!!


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