Roon coming on Emotiva Processors (unconfirmed by roon afaik)

There are some updates with regards to the new line:

Emotiva RMC-1(L), XMC-2

Imax Enhanced: This is possible in software but the market demand will decide.

DTS:X Pro: Available early 2020

EARC: Available early 2020 with hardware update.

DSD over HDMI: Native, no DSD to PCM conversion.

USB Audio Input: Yes - Multi-channel support confirmed.

Streaming Support: Optional - Supports Roon via optional internal module available Q1, '20. Compatible with all models.

Emotiva RMC-1 Module Slots:

  • MC/MM Phono module

  • Dual XLR input module

  • Fully assignable Quad XLR output module with independent Griffin Lite DSP

  • Rich
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