Roon Command Line Control

Wow – all this while I was sleeping… Thanks! :smiley:

Works like a charm. Now I don’t have to run Roon Remote on the server anymore (I was emulating the Ctrl-M keystroke before). I have some ideas of employing the new toggle in a few other automations as well.

As for shuffle and repeat: I think shuffle should/could be a toggle as well. I rarely use repeat, but I can imagine a three-step toggle to be a bit awkward. I think I’d rather call these directly, but please take this with a grain of salt as I’m not an active user.

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Very cool. Thanks!

I get an error running the postinstall script:

1) billjanssen
2) billjanssen-fresh
3) None
Please enter SSH user (numeric or text): 3
Setting the Python Roon API server IP address to
Enabling local access in /usr/local/Roon/etc/pyroonconf
id: ‘billjanssen-fresh’: no such user

Looks like a simple off-by-one bug.

What’s this ssh user about, anyway?

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@Bill_Janssen yes, this does look like a bug in the post install script. Thanks for reporting it. The SSH user is only used if the RoonCommandLine commands reside on a different system than the Roon API Python module. This is seldom the case so all the effort I went to making this possible would have perhaps been better spent elsewhere. So this error will probably not effect you if the rest of postinstall went ok. Check /usr/local/Roon/etc/roon_api.ini and verify the RoonCoreIP and RoonCorePort settings look ok.

@DaveN yes, it is about time I got around to dealing with upgrade issues. I will put this on the list for the next release. For now, I hope you saved your customizations before I clobbered them. If not, sorry!

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I didn’t, but I have a fairly simple set up so it was no big deal. I’ll make a copy for next time :slight_smile:

Would be nice to be able to list the tracks in the current queue, but I don’t see that, so I’m presuming the API doesn’t support it.

@Bill_Janssen I looked through the API today and could not find a way to list the queue. Maybe I am missing something but I do not think that is supported. It would be nice.

@DaveN @RBM while I agree with both of you on how best to handle shuffle/repeat (toggle shuffle, step repeat through its 3 states), the Python Roon API currently only supports both shuffle and repeat in two states. So I went with a toggle for both, similar to what I did with mute. The loop_one repeat state is not supported.

I also added “mute_all” and “pause_all” commands to toggle muting of all zones and pause all zones. These changes and others addressing installation/upgrade are in test and should be released soon.

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