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My apologies

Yeah, Thomas Paine had some choice words for those in the religious establishment back in the day. As usual, philosophically, I’ve always seen some of the battles we have in audiophilia as a microcosm into societal tensions as we seek knowledge and “authority”.

God help us if we we ever appeal to the authority of the religious/cultist side of this hobby, or bow to the uninsightful regardless of how well-meaning or sincere some individuals may be. :wink:

Stay rational, and curious. :thinking:


I’ve edited my post.

I can see I posted after your reply, bad timing on my part.

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All my hopes are in the Metaverse (or how is it called) to have more like real conversations :slight_smile: but a pub would be better


I 2nd that

Local area Roon groups maybe.

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You should start a Mastodon group!


Not quite sure how to take that.

Start a heavy metal group like Mastodon from Atlanta


A group for predators (silly me, they weren’t predators)

All good - you hopefully saw the accompanying stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye emoji !?

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:slight_smile: yes, thank you :slight_smile:

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Definitely the Heavy Metal one… Give people here an opportunity to take that the wrong way and they will be off with their pitchforks

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Or maybe this one:

I of course meant the community-sharing software Mastodon.

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Yes and no.

Demonstrable fact.

The science of mechanics, electromagnetism, signals, etc., existed before we had recorded music.

Personal opinion.


Well said :+1::+1:


I see a false equivalence in this argument, please forgive me.

Music is indeed an art form. But the vast majority of discussions on this forum do not pertain to music, they pertain to the reproduction of music via electronic means—which is pure science. I’m well aware that as an amateur pianist I may possess some skills to play one, but I know very little about how they’re made. Similarly those who appreciate the artistic values of music are not necessarily qualified to comment on the engineering involved in designing gear that reproduces it.

When someone starts ascribing analog terms like “musicality”, “soundstage”, warmth”, or “imaging” to music in digital form, or insists that their $3,000 “network conditioner” has lifted the veils off of their audio tracks, then that person is making claims that defy the indisputable laws of science. And their actions are not benign—everyone works very hard for the money required to build their audiophile setups, and those parroting the marketing spin of peddlers of snake oil simply need to be called out.


Nice try, it isn’t going to make an iota of difference.

If that’s your belief, I’m sure you’ll do it in a nice manner as to not cause offence :grin:

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Art and science are not mutually exclusive things. At the same time, something that measures well doesn’t necessarily sound good or may sound good to some and not others. Something that sounds good may not measure well. There is no “sounds good” measurement.

Indeed! Not just the snake oil peddlers, either – those repeating and prolonging the life of various invalid audiophool superstitions need to be corrected, as well. As Bruno Putzeys put it, “This morass of folk lore has slowed down real progress in high-end audio for over a generation now.”