Roon comparisons?

I’ll start by saying not the brightest light here when it comes to our system. So I’ll say I’m asking for a friend (DH…LOL)

We have pure music currently but the remotes no longer work… and we can’t get them to work no matter what. My husband mentioned Roon and I’m wondering how Roon compares to pure music. I’m tired of not being able to change to album only from shuffle all. Or select a song.

I know we have it on a Mac mini…so dedicated computer for our music.

I’m assuming that Roon is similar in that there’s a library but I think PM uses iTunes. Does Roon do that also? And how does it compare. I’m sure it’s better!


Greetings -

You will find many people here who will help you.

To start go to Roon’s KnowledgeBase. The link is at the top of this page. Read thru to understand how Roon works.

Download the macOS version for a trial. It’s free and once you play around with it you’ll have more specific questions.

BTW - I don’t, but many people use Roon with iTunes files.

I was a long-time iTunes user and migrated first to Audirvana and then to Roon in June of 2015. Listening via Roon right now, out on my front porch, via a $35 Google Chromecast Audio. All of my CD rips still end up in my iTunes library so that I can have music on my phone or iPad without a network connection. Roon interfaces very nicely with the iTunes library. Yes, yes, yes, it is better. Coming from someone who once tried to catalog his music collection on 3 x 5 index cards, the amount of information about your collection that Roon exposes, links together, and displays to you is really wonderful. It has allowed me to bring more of my music to more places in my home than iTunes ever could. If listening to music is important to you, I can’t recommend it highly enough. The Roon community is a great place to look for solutions If needed. Good luck, let us know how you do! Cheers!

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Hi Susan,

First off, welcome ! A large part of the raison d’etre for this forum is for the Community to help each other use and understand Roon, and that extends from people with little computer or audio knowledge who might be considering Roon to “old hands” like Slim and Kevin above.

The free trial is a good idea, but Roon won’t solve an underlying network issue if one has arisen. Something may have changed in your network which has made the PureMusic remotes inoperative. It could be a firewall, or it may be some change to your LAN.

In any event, if you do trial Roon and find similar issues with the Roon apps, this is the place to come for help.