Roon Compatability With DarTZeel Integrated

I am blessed to have a DarTZeel LHC-208 Integrated Amplifier which produces awesome, organic music reproduction. I am also using an Innuos Zenith Mk3 music server, recently upgraded from the Innuos Zen Mini music server. While using the Zen Mini connected via USB, Roon was only able to locate my DarTZeel about 20% of the times I wanted to play music from my Tidal account. When Roon was able to locate my DarTZeel, the output was wonderful. I was expecting even further improvement when I replaced the Zen Mini with the Innuos Zenith Mk3; however, Roon has yet to be able to locate the DarTZeel so I can desinate it as the audio source and play selected music through it. Also, my DarTZeel dealer was running Roon through an Innuos Statement (their reference model at $14K) successfully last week; however, since they down;loaded Roon’s latest upgrade, they to are unable to have Roon locate their DarTZeel Integrated . Hope someone can provide a solution. Bing

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