Roon compatability with my system

I’ve got Auralic Vega DAC and a Antipodes DX server that I"m trying to connect Roon to from a MacBook Pro and can’t get it to connect. Roon doesn’t see either the DAC or the server, only my Apple Airport Express. I contacted Antipodes and they say Roon compatability is in the works (maybe someday). I’m not sure about the Vega. How do I connect or do I have to wait for Antipodes? Is there another way to hookup through my system? Thanks.


For Roon to see your Auralic Vega DAC you need to connect via USB to your Mac.

If your Antipodes DX server can publish its internal storage via SMB network share so that Roon could see the FLAC file the Roon should be able to catalog and the play them… In this mode the Antipodes would really be used for ripping and storage only.

Hope that helps.