Roon compatibility with QNAP TS 251A

I want to install Roon Core on my QNAP TS 251A. Do you think it will run correctly. I assume that it will run much better with SSD but i don’t have it for the moment

Hi Marek,
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You may be able to get Roon to run on that machine, but it will be slow (especially when you first set it up) and you may have other problems too:

Because it does not meet Roon specifications, Roon will not be obligated to support issues that arise (although they sometimes help if its easy). If you are able to search this forum, you may be able to find out if others have had good experiences.
Roon is a resource-intensive beast, and really needs to have fast memory (SSD) a fairly powerful CPU (Intel i3, or better) and a robust network to give the desired experience.

Hi Marek,

I tried it on my QNAP 251, miserable experience. I got a NUC i5 and and put in an SSD, installed ROCK and it runs like a champ! I’m very happy and super stable and fast. My music is on the 251 NAS and the combo is really nice.

I ran Roon on a QNAP TS251+ (which I think is an earlier model) and it worked without issue. I’m pedantic about lag and sluggish user experiences on any device. I found it to provide a snappy experience and found it capable of up-sampling to DSD128 (approx 2.5x processing speed). I don’t upsample generally, I just experimented to see what it was capable of.

I upgraded the RAM from 2 to 8 gigabytes. Roon database was on an internal SSD, the other drive stored media.

Comparison of the TS251+ vs 251A here:

Looks like the 251A has a newer but slightly slower clocked CPU (Celeron N3060) but benches show it is level or slightly faster than the Celeron J1900 in the older 251+.

TLDR: With 8GB RAM & an SSD for the database so long as you’re not planning on doing CPU intensive EQing or upsampling I found it to be more than adequate.

I have Roon on a TS-251A with an SSD for the database and 8GB of RAM. It runs perfectly well with my 4000 or so album collection.

Running Qnap 251+ with no issues (8gb of ram)

Thank you all for feedback and valuable advices. Regards, Marek

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