Roon compatibility with sonictransporter

I am running sonictansporter i5 (v2.8) and Roon (v1.8). I’ve been having issues ever since upgrading to the v2.8 of sonictransporter and the latest version of Roon. I have deleted the Roon remote app and tried to reinstall the app and get “Searching for Roon core” and nothing. What to do now?

Maybe SGC might be more help. @agillis monitors this forum.

For support on Small Green Computer products go to and press contact us. You can submit a support ticket.

Look here and try it:

I had a similar problem. I brought it to Andrew’s attention and he told me to contact Roon and offered no help on his end. After that, I sold my sonicTransporter i9…

stuck in a loop here; SGC says to contact Roon for support and Roon says contact SGC for help with it’s products.

Hmm, that seems unlike SGC. Surprised, since you say it just started when you updated sonictransporter firmware.

Did you try the “solution” in the thread I posted?

OK well, when I went to the Roon server option in my sonic transporter and opened Roon settings, nothing was selected. So I enabled local playback and it seems to work fine now? I don’t think I’m going to change the setting back to where nothing is selected since it is working fine with the local playback selected. Thanks very much for the help. Maybe Roon wants to transition as many subscribers as possible to its’ own Nucleus? I think if I was starting from scratch I might consider that. But I’m invested in SGC so it would be great if the two (Roon and the Sonic transporter) could work with each other more easily than I’ve experienced …

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If it happens again, just go back in there and turn local playback off and it should be fixed again. It’s not the actual setting that matters but the fact that you have changed that setting that causes Roon to do something internally that “fixes” the problem.

OK thank you again.
Mark Ferrier

You’re welcome!

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